3 Tips that Help with Fit for Life 24 Apex Workout Routines

Fitness, Ambro, FDPThe decision has been made; a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a membership at Fit for Life 24 of Apex. Now what? Our fitness experts and personal trainers recommend creating a workout routine first.

However, there’s no universal routine that’s ideal for every one of our members. The challenging part is figuring out what to do and how to do it. No worries! We specialize in helping members create dynamic and effective workouts that are easy to maintain.

Our fitness experts at Fit for Life 24 in Apex NC recommend these three important tips when setting up a personal workout routine:

  • Determine Fitness Goals: Take a minute to think about how much time can be devoted to a good workout, and determine exactly what the goal will be. Is the goal to lose weight, maintain current physique, or training for a competition? Our 24-hour fitness center can accommodate any schedule and any goal members have in mind. Meet with one of our personal trainers on your first day to explore how we can help with desired results.
  • Add Variety to the Routine: When an exercise day becomes too routine, it can often be boring as well.  The most effective workouts include a bit of variety in order to keep the momentum going. For example, work different muscle groups in each session (core, quads and hamstrings, and upper body). Be sure to spread the routine over a few days each week and dedicate each day to a specific group. This will ensure variety in the workout and keep it from seeming repetitive.
  • Don’t Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down: When cooking a healthy roasted chicken, the process starts with preheating the oven.  A strenuous workout routine starts with a proper warm up as well. Stretching, mild aerobics, or fitness walking are excellent ways to prepare the body for a good workout. Cool down periods of stretching and relaxing are just as important, since a sudden stop with intense physical activity can have negative side effects.

The most important aspect of an effective workout routine is the individual FFL24 member. Stop by Fit for Life 24 Apex today to meet with one of our personal trainers and set up an individualized plan!


This article on both fitness and opportunity is brought to you by the AWESOME team at Apex Fit for Life 24 located in Historic Apex NC. Contact us below. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on our Twitter Page!

We are the fitness choice in the Triangle! 

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Apex Fit for Life 24

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Perry Pointe Plaza

Suite 814

Apex NC 27502

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