6 Simple Tips to Stop “Body Sabotage” on Vacation

SilhouettesBikingOnBeach.FDP.arztsamuiSummer is a popular season across the Triangle for taking vacations. While it’s exciting to travel to new places, over indulging, sedentary days can lead to weight gain. We all know what Thanksgiving and Christmas are like. For those FFL members who have worked so hard at Fit for Life 24 to get into a good fitness routine this year, vacation weight gains can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy a vacation without sacrificing health or increasing the waist size.

From the team at Fit for Life 24 Apex, members can avoid “body sabotage” this summer these six common-sense and simple tips for preventing vacation weight-grain:

  • Pack your snacks: It can be tempting to stop at various fast food restaurants to refuel during a trip and even more tempting to stock up on candy and chips at gas stations or airport terminals. Avoid this transportation-induced pitfall by packing healthy meals and snacks ahead of time. Not only will this save our members calories, it will save them money that they can spend on other vacation luxuries later. For healthy snack ideas, check out this great article from Back to Her Roots.
  • Plan outings that require activity: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that relaxation needs to be driven by a whole lot of nothing; unplug from work or social media, and get outside somewhere new and scenic. Explore a zoo or an aquarium, go kayaking, or walk around a mall. On the coast? Take a stroll along the shoreline and look for shells. In the mountains? Look for great hiking locations. Feeling competitive? There may even be fun races to sign up for that aren’t offered where you live.
  • Utilize a hotel’s fitness center: Many hotels have fitness rooms. Pack some workout clothes, and take advantage of this amenity. Get a workout in early if you know the day will consist of inactivity, and enjoy the flood of endorphins! Plus, sticking to the routine of getting exercise will make it easier to jump back into your fitness regimen Fit for Life 24 after returning home.
  • Get a fitness tracker: Logging fitness is an excellent motivator. Competing with friends while tracking physical activity can be good incentive to maintain or surpass the level of fitness tracked while at home.
  • Understand menu lingo: While on vacation, people eat out much more than they typically would at home. Because restaurant food is often higher in calories, fat, and sodium; it’s important to be able to decode some of the lingo used on the menu. Check out these tips from Reader’s Digest and WebMD to be able to order a meal that best fits your health needs.
  • Practice balance: Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. Balance the higher-calorie option at dinner with a walk and lighter dessert. Choosing to savor an indulgent dessert? Grab a lighter dinner, or split it with a friend to enjoy the treat without sacrificing the calories. Avoiding weight gain while enjoying the cuisine of a new place is possible with balance.

Fit for Life 24 wishes all of its members safe, relaxing vacations this summer season. What fitness tips do our members have while on vacation? Comment below or let us know on our Facebook page!


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