Fit for Life 24 Offers the Top Four Tips for Buying Workout Shoes

shoes- artur84- freedigitalphotos.netBuying new shoes is a back-to-school tradition for many Triangle kids, but maybe adults should get in on the fun too! Everyone’s feet are different, and so are their workout routines. Choosing the best workout shoes for both ensures both the health and safety of the feet and overall body, and the effectiveness of any exercise. Whether running or weight lifting, properly fitting, comfortable shoes make all the difference.

Our expert staff at Fit for Life 24 shares these four must-know tips for choosing the right athletic shoe:

  • Multitasking is for workouts, not shoes: Sure, combining cardio with strength training is a great way to squeeze an effective workout into a shorter time period. The same logic does not apply to shoes. Waking shoes are stiffer, running shoes have more cushioning, and tennis shoes have greater lateral support. When performing a wide variety of activities, it might be necessary to purchase shoes for each situation.
  • Get familiar with feet: Most people have ten toes and two heels, but that’s where the similarities end. High or low arches and the level of pronation (over or under) will affect how shoes fit and the type of model that will perform the best. Although there are simple footprint tests that can be performed at home, consider getting a professional fitting.
  • Shop smart: Feet tend to swell over the course of the day, and also expand during exercises that require a lot of running or walking. Shopping for shoes towards the end of the day, when feet are at their largest, will ensure a just-right fit. Bring the socks normally worn when exercising, and if orthotics are necessary, bring those as well.
  • Know when it’s time to toss: Buying a new pair of athletic shoes every year seems convenient, but there really is no standard time to replace shoes. The average pair of running shoes will last 350-400 miles, so tracking exercise over time is a must. For other sports, pay attention to the wear on the sole, or if shoes start to feel uncomfortable and are losing support.

Exercising in old, worn out, or ill-fitting shoes might leave even the most dedicated fitness fanatic on the couch nursing injuries like shin splints instead of performing in the gym or out on the field. Good quality fitness shoes can be pricy, but they are truly an important part of proper foot care, injury prevention, and comfort.

Wondering how a personal trainer can help increase the effectiveness of your workout? Call or stop in to Fit for Life 24 in Apex to find out how we help exercisers of all levels starting or fine-tuning a workout routine!


This article on both fitness and opportunity is brought to you by the AWESOME team at Apex Fit for Life 24 located in Historic Apex NC. Contact us below. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on our Twitter Page!

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