Four Important Ways to Stay “Fit for Life” in the Triangle

health words- david castillo dominici- freedigitalphotos.netThere are a lot of excuses the average person could use to avoid becoming physically active. From poor health, to time constraints, to confidence issues, there are almost too many to list. However, it terms of a person’s long term health, happiness, and even life expectancy, there’s not one single thing that can top the benefits of exercise. The personal trainers at Fit for Life 24 in Apex know that while there are a lot of reasons people use to avoid getting healthy; it is even more dangerous NOT to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

Our training team suggests everyone follow these four simple, yet important tips and be on the way to being Fit for Life:

  • Incorporate daily physical activity: This doesn’t mean training for a marathon or heading to an expensive fitness club for an hour every day. The human body was meant to move, so any type of activity is better than being sedentary. This might mean a walk around the block after dinner, a game of tennis with friends in the morning, or a family bike ride in the evening. Just move.
  • Maintain healthy bones: Weight bearing exercises stimulate bone growth, helping to maintain bone density (and ease of movement and flexibility later in life). Don’t want to lift weights? Any type of exercise that makes the muscles work against gravity will work.
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight: No one is saying that everyone must look like an athlete or fitness model. Each individual has a range of body weights at which they are considered healthy. Excess weight (especially around the abdomen) has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and even some types of cancer.
  • Reduce stress: Life isn’t always easy—that’s a given. But excess stress has been linked to a myriad of problems that reduce quality of life, such as heart trouble, sleep disorders, muscle pains, and digestive issues. In addition to physical activity, consider incorporating mindfulness exercises (like meditation) into a daily routine.

Getting Fit for Life doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, it can start right now by making one simple, healthy change at a time. After all, it’s really the little choices made each day that add up to feeling healthy and fit, no matter age or current fitness level.

Want to make the right choices for your health? Fit For Life 24 in Apex can get you started! Call or stop in today and let our personal trainers provide information, inspiration, and motivation.


This article on both fitness and opportunity is brought to you by the AWESOME team at Apex Fit for Life 24 located in Historic Apex NC. Contact us below. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on our Twitter Page!

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