3 Essential Components of a Typical Fit For Life 24 Fitness Program

FFL24-Stockimages- Freedigitalphotos.netReaching a fitness plateau is a common occurrence for exercisers at all levels. Often a person will start and stick to a simple routine, feeling motivated and encouraged when good results appear. However, over time the results can grow more slowly and even stop in a plateau even though the efforts remain steady. Why does this happen?

Essentially, the body gets used to repetitive activity. Workouts consisting of just one action (say, running on the treadmill) will eventually take less energy for the body to complete, often slowing results. The best way to avoid this is to make sure every workout has a balance of three essential elements.

The personal trainers at Fit for Life 24 in Apex share the three most important components of a winning workout routine that will keep the body guessing and keep the results coming.

  • Cardio: Aerobic activity is the heart of most exercise programs. Not only does it help burn calories and maintain a healthy body weight, but it also increases the efficiency of the heart and lungs, reduces blood pressure, improves sleep quality, and can literally add years to your life. The CDC recommends 75-150 minutes per week, depending on the intensity of exercise.
  • Strength: Contrary to popular belief, strength training doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in bulk (unless that is what’s desired). Strength training can create long, lean muscles as well, lending the body a firmer, more toned look. It also helps maintain muscle strength as weight is lost, and increases bone strength. Whether using machines, hand weights, resistance bands, or simply body weight, aim for at least two sessions per week.
  • Flexibility: Probably the most often ignored component of physical fitness, stretching yields some great benefits. Flexibility training increases the range of motion of joints, easing aches and pains. It also decreases stress, makes everyday motions easier, and improves posture (which takes pounds off visually). We recommend stretching after exercising, when muscles are warm and loose.

In order to optimize results, a well-rounded FFL 24 workout program is essential. While it’s completely normal to get comfortable with a specific routine, don’t let habit get in the way of progress. Make sure to vary each workout with a combination of these three main areas of focus.

Does your workout need an overhaul? Fit for Life 24 in Apex can help. Contact us for personal training, fitness advice, and more!


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