3 Important Ways to Keep the New Year Fitness Resolutions Going Strong

FFL24- Jan 5 Pic-JayneanddMany veteran Fit for Life 24 members notice a pretty obvious phenomenon that begins each and every New Year. Starting every January 1st, our gym gets really, really, crowded. Classes are packed, personal trainers are booked up for weeks in advance, and there might even be a short wait for the most popular equipment. However, the going gets easier for those hardy members who tough it out for the first few weeks of the New Year. By February, things are usually back to normal. Why? Although there’s little hard data, recent statistics show that only 8% of individuals who make resolutions are successful at keeping them.

Just because the intention is there (hey, aren’t we all planning to “get healthier” this year?) doesn’t mean that fitness plans will pan out. Fortunately, the expert personal trainers at Fit For Life 24 in Apex are here to help.

Check out these three important ways to jump start the New Year’s fitness goals and keep motivation up as the months go by:

  • Prepare with a plan: Instead of jumping into a totally new (and challenging) routine, spend a couple of weeks working up to the new behavior. For example, remove tempting foods from the house, or set the alarm a bit earlier each day. Ramping up slowly allows the brain and body time to adjust, increasing the chances new habits will stick. Also, with the help of the Fit for Life 24 staff, use this time to write down your fitness goals, pencil workout time into your daily schedule, and think about ways to track progress.
  • Review regularly: Pick the same day each week and month to check in, assess progress, and record results. However, this doesn’t mean just stepping on the scale. While a healthy weight is important, muscle weighs more than fat and can skew the number on the scale. Body measurements (or even weekly selfie sessions) are often more telling. Don’t forget to focus on non-measureable indicators of improvement like more energy, better sleep, and higher spirits.
  • Don’t stress over slip ups: Even the most diligent fitness lovers give in to temptations now and again. Since it will eventually happen, think of slip ups as a detour and don’t let them throw an entire routine off track. After indulging, acknowledge what happened and use positive thinking and self-talk to get right back to healthier habits. Even better, use the “detour” as a learning experience and think about what emotions or circumstances led to giving in. Then, brainstorm how to change this in future situations when temptation strikes.

The New Year is the perfect time for Triangle exercisers to overhaul a diet and fitness routine. Increase the chances of success by setting SMART goals, creating new habits with small, sustainable changes, and responding compassionately when roadblocks arise.

Unsure of the best way to implement health and fitness goals? Kick healthy New Year’s resolutions into high gear and give the personal trainers at Fit for Life 24 in Apex a call today!


This article on both fitness and opportunity is brought to you by the AWESOME team at Apex Fit for Life 24 located in Historic Apex NC. Contact us below. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on our Twitter Page!

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