6 Ways to Cool Down with Summer Fitness

ambro cool downIt is summer in Apex and the Triangle. The heat is on. When finishing the last repetition of a workout, especially in the warmth of July, it does not mean the routine should be finished. Cooling down is an important aspect of every workout routine and the proper cool down can mean everything. It allows the body to properly heal moments after being pushed to a limit. A complete routine from warm up to cool down is everything. Our Fit for Life personal trainers and staff here atFit for Life 24 Apexwant to see the members getting the most out of their visit.

Seeing healthy results and simply taking proper care after an exercise. Often there are instances when people skip out on the cool down phase, thus creating cramps and more serious issues like changes in blood pressure.

Our Fit for Life 24 trainers offer six suggestions to cool down the proper way:

  • Dynamic Stretches
  • Yoga
  • Proper Hydration
  • Foam Roller
  • Protein Shake
  • Massage

Stretching not only relaxes tension but is also can decrease the next day’s soreness. The act of stretching speeds up the body’s healing process by allowing blood to better circulate within the body. Foam rollers can also be used as part of a cool down routine. They target specific areas that were challenged during the work out. Need help targeting the right areas? Our trainers at Fit for Life 24will be happy to help with ideas and proper regiment

A protein shake can be a great way to replace needed nutrients in the body after a routine. Grab a shake 15- 45 minutes after a workout; this is the time when the body is most susceptible to absorbing nutrients. Read the labels. Many shakes contain ingredients that can actually be unfavorable to the body in the long run. Do the research and know what is going into the body.

Healing can be a challenge after a strenuous workout even after proper warm weather hydration and a good cool down routine. Explore the powers of massage; studies have shown that a professional message can speed up the body’s recovery process by as much as 50 percent. A massage will not only heal the body more quickly but will also allow psychosocial benefits to make the day mentally clearer and brighter.

Stop in Apex and visit Fit for Life 24 to learn the correct cool down techniques and make fitness a healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

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