Rules & Regs make FFL 24 the Best in the Triangle!

hAs Fit for Life 24 and its great members head deeply into the Holiday Season and the New Year we will call 2014, here are some policies and procedures we need help with on a daily basis…

  • Entrance to Fit for Life 24 is for members only
  • Please scan your card one member at a time
  • Each member ONLY must scan and open the door 
  • Un-scanned  members  will be charged $35
  • Non-members are not allowed without management knowledge
  • Any member allowing non-members will be charged $35 and face possible membership loss
  • No one is allowed in building without their membership card
  • Members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Guest passes can be used only when staff is present during business hours
  • Guests must visit the gym only during business hours
  • No drugs, weapons, and alcohol on the premises
  • Fit for Life 24 operates with a 24 hour security surveillance
  • Show proper courtesy and etiquette during 24 hour access
  • Please rack dumbbells and other equipment when finished
  • Please put all equipment back in place after use
  • Please keep all equipment and machines clean during and after use

Thanks you for all your help!

May all of you have the happiest of holidays and Merry Christmas!

FFL 24 Staff 

Photo: IMU Social Media



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