Faith, Focus & Fit For Life 24

J 2J 1When I joined Fit for Life 24 I was going to try and lose weight again…starting this venture for what seemed like the one hundredth time in my life.  Two things were different this time that have worked for me. One is that I no longer just pray that God just takes the weight off; I also pray for motivation and healing so I can work out every day. The second thing is Lee Brewer, one of the excellent Personal Trainers who work in Apex for Fit for Life 24.  Lee is supportive when he needs to be; he will push you when he needs to.  He simply wants you to improve and he is always in your corner.

I have lost over 70 pounds so far (goal is 100 by January 1st) and I can say that Lee not only helped jump start my personal mission of success but he has also shown me how to change my eating habits and work outs to sustain my health focus for a lifetime.

Thanks to Lee and the entire Fit for Life 24 staff for providing a welcoming and challenging environment that will make a difference once you commit.

Anyone and everyone can do it. You just need a little faith and a lot of personal trainer! Lee(Lee is pictured hard right)

Jeremiah C.


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