Fit For Life 24 Apex: Your Fitness Choice in the Triangle

TTFitness is an incredibly important part of health, both physically and mentally; it indeed is a blend of mind and matter.  Individuals who are fit simply have more energy, are able to accomplish more, and are more satisfied with life and with productivity.

Exercise can give you a sense of control and satisfaction, and if you are reading this you know that staying fit is just plain good for you. Here in Apex and in the Triangle, as we age, health and fitness become more and more important for the long and healthy life we all wish for as we enjoy the people and things around us.  Don’t let any number slow you down! Birthdays are never an issue when you are fit and full of energy! Tim Evans, owner and founder (pictured upper right) has the philosophy that  staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep you feeling youthful and productive.

There are several ways to keep fit. From walking or running here at Fit for Life 24, to signing up for team activity and group exercise, fitness is right here in the Peak of Good Living and you find it with us. Fitness is local and it is convenient.  One of the easiest ways to keep fit is to join our fitness center on NC 55 near US 1. With a wealth of equipment, knowledge and organized fitness programs, you can get everything you need right here to stay fit all in one place.  And the support you’ll find in our community  fitness center will keep you coming back for more!

If you’re looking for a fitness center in the Southwestern Wake area, Apex Fit For Life 24 is the place for you.

Here are five benefits FFL24 in Apex has to offer:

  • Open 24 hours:  Our schedule allows anyone to get their workout, whether in the early morning or late at night after a busy day! There are 86,400 seconds in day and you get to choose when to come!
  • Options:  We’ve got everything you need!  From cardio equipment to free weights, fitness classes to personal trainers, Fit For Life 24 has all the tools you need to build a better you!  High, moderate and lower intensity classes allow you to work your way up the fitness ladder.
  • Brand New Facility:  Since our grand opening a few short weeks ago, we have highlighted the newest and cleanest facilities in the area!  And we value cleanliness.  You won’t find any locker rooms issues or dusty equipment.
  • Constantly Updated Class Schedules: We try to keep new options coming for fitness programs, so everyone can find a program that best suits their level and availability.  From flexibility to strength training, stamina building cardio workouts and fat melting burnouts, we’ve got a class to suit your specific fitness goals.
  • Lasting Support:  We don’t forget about you when you walk out the door.  Our trainers will work hard to help you reach your goals, whether it’s sending you inspirational messages or finding specific workouts customized for you, we want to help you get there!

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your lifestyle, Fit For Life 24 in Apex is all the support you need.  Join us today and take that first step toward meeting your fitness goals.


For more information on Apex Fit For Life 24, visit our blog or contact us with any questions you may have!

This article on both fitness and opportunity is brought to you by the AWESOME team at Apex Fit for Life 24 located in Historic Apex NC. Contact us below. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on our Twitter Page!

We are your fitness choice in the Triangle!

Apex Fit for Life 24

809 Perry Road

Perry Pointe Plaza

Suite 814

Apex NC 27502

919 629 6212



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